Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hello From Blue Creek, Belize

My name is Elizabeth Mejangre I am a student from Tumul Kin Center of Learning. I am in second year class. It is a high school of Agriculture. I am new students too because I am learning lot about of things that I do not know about. In our school in the morning we have practical from 6:30 to 10:00 every day on our five days of classes. We start class at 10:30. tumul kin is a nice compound that is located in the beautiful village of Blue Creek in the Toledo district. It is a good high school. In computers we learn lots of things. At first I did not like computers but now I am getting use to it. The first day when I came I was very nervous that I didn’t want to enter the computer lab. I was very shy to introduce my self to my teachers that I first met when I reach tumul kin for my first day. One thing I dislike at tumul kin when I first came in is eating in the kitchen with students. I didn’t it because I am very shy to eat among the students. Just up to these day I am getting use to it. It is nice to have friends at tumul kin. It is not a bad place you can see the trees around our compound it looks very grate .i love tumul kin it is a nice high school and it majors in agriculture.